A collection of public access tools and guides developed by our team, in
collaboration with our members and partners, to support your net zero journey.

The Climate Compass 11th Edition (NZP Newsletter)
In the 11th Edition of the NZP Newsletter, read about how Pakistan can change its energy landscape with RECs and how we are building momentum for SBTs and biomass.
NZP Impact Report 2023
Net Zero Pakistan’s Inaugural Impact Report unveils a compelling narrative that intertwines resilience and transformation. It provides a comprehensive exploration of Pakistan's vulnerability to climate change, encompassing the associated risks of job displacement, stranded assets, and eroding competitiveness. Amid these challenges, it shines a spotlight on the power of collaborative endeavors within the Net Zero Pakistan (NZP) coalition, which has sparked an industry-wide shift towards decarbonization in the country.
Net Zero Toolkit
We have developed a toolkit that breaks down the journey to net zero into six stages, each with clearly defined steps. This makes it easier for companies to commit to the net zero ambition. The toolkit includes best practices from experts, as well as knowledge resources to support organizations along each stage. Companies can use it to build technical knowledge on achieving net-zero, depending on where they are in their journey. For example, a company may use the toolkit to set science-based targets, decarbonize their operations, engage with suppliers, measure emissions, or even simply to get an overview of what a net zero journey would look like.