Our Work

Driving the transition towards a climate-resilient Pakistan.


Our programmes are developed following a rigorous process that identifies “white spaces” for climate action in Pakistan and brings together stakeholders from around the world to achieve impact at scale.

Design commercially viable projects within climate ‘white spaces’ across Pakistan
Assemble experts and delivery partners to co-develop and implement projects
Deploy blended finance to launch pilots and sustainably achieve scale

Carbon Programme

Enabling private investment to finance ecosystem restoration for Pakistan


Our first flagship Carbon Programme is being developed to enable global capital to finance a portfolio of carbon offsetting projects across Pakistan. All projects seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and can range from restoring degraded forests to improving access to renewable energy.

Renewable Energy
Waste Management
Efficient Cookstoves

Carbon offset credits

All projects within our Carbon Programme deliver carbon offset credits. These represent measurable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions that are independently verified by third-parties. Carbon credits can be sold to organisations around the world to support their work towards becoming carbon neutral.

Our Carbon Programme takes each project through a strict set of protocols defined by certification standards such as Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard. We work alongside leading developers and implementing partners across each step of the project’s life cycle to unlock its full economic, social, and carbon potential.