Convening Pakistan’s leading organisations to commit to net zero carbon by 2050

What is Net Zero Pakistan?

Net Zero Pakistan is a national collaboration between pioneering companies, public institutions, and sectoral experts to deliver the goal of net zero carbon for Pakistan by 2050. The coalition will establish the roadmap and framework through which Pakistan’s private sector can accelerate its sustainability transition and deliver this net zero goal. 

What do Signatories Commit?

Signatories of Net Zero Pakistan follow established principles and a framework to accelerate their sustainability transition and deliver the goal of net zero by 2050. They pledge to adopt four lines of action:

Net Zero Pakistan

Set Net Zero Targets

To adopt carbon elimination and sustainability targets that are underpinned by climate science, with progress reported regularly and transparently

Net Zero Pakistan

Measure & Disclose

To robustly measure direct and indirect GHG emissions (Scope 1, 2, 3) across all operations, in line with intermationally-recognised measurement methodologies.

Net Zero Pakistan

Decarbonise Value Chains

To undertake actions that lower emissions and enhance enviromental sustainability, following a decarbonisation roadmap set out by the coalition.

Net Zero Pakistan

Advocate For Climate Action

To advocate for an enabling decarbonisation and by representing Pakistan’s private sector at major domestic and international platforms.

What does Net Zero Pakistan Offer?

Net Zero Pakistan brings together an ecosystem of global partners to support the signatories in achieving their net zero ambition. 

Net Zero Pakistan


  • A governing document that outlines the net zero pathway for Pakistan’s private sector.
  • Signatories undertake commitment to measuring, eliminating, and reporting GHG emissions.
Net Zero Pakistan


  • A technical support programme that enables climate action for signatories.
  • Round-table discussions and workshops between all stakeholders and industry experts.
Net Zero Pakistan


  • A unified branding system to serve as a seal of recognition.
  • Enable companies to align with international coalitions and demonstrate sustainability credentials to buyers, investors, and suppliers.
Net Zero Pakistan

Catalytic Finance

  • Centralised financing facility to access international climate finance and undertake flagship sustainability projects.
  • Large-scale projects with key industries to enable decarbonisation.
Net Zero Pakistan


  • Fact-based analytical support base for policy changes that enable the net zero transition.
  • Overseen by a high-powered Steering Committee, with representatives from business, government, and non-government institutions.

Our Partners


Net Zero Pakistan – Coalition Launch

10 trailblazing companies who have joined Net Zero Pakistan coalition to address climate change (Artistic Milliners, Crescent Bahuman, Gul Ahmed, Interloop, Liberty, Mahmood Group, Sapphire Finishing, Soorty Enterprises, TetraPak Pakistan and US Apparel)

Soorty Enterprises joins Net Zero Pakistan

Soorty Enterprises is excited to join Net Zero Pakistan and here’s why: “Climate change is the biggest crisis facing the world today and there is a need for urgent action. However, decarbonisation is not easy pickings, and we need coordinated sustainability efforts that rally.

Artistic Milliners joins Net Zero Pakistan

Artistic Milliners is excited to join Net Zero Pakistan and here’s why: “Net Zero Pakistan is a great way to inspire the kind of collective action we need to take”

Interloop Limited joins Net Zero Pakistan

Interloop Limited is excited to join Net Zero Pakistan and here’s why: “Net Zero Pakistan is a holistic commitment that calls for collective action towards climate change and couldn’t have come at a better time”

US Apparel joins Net Zero Pakistan

US Apparel is excited to join Net Zero Pakistan and here’s why: “Net Zero Pakistan has provided a platform for Pakistani companies to work together towards the goal of decarbonization in Pakistan”

Mahmood Group joins Net Zero Pakistan

In this inspiring video message, Anees Khawaja, Director of Mahmood Group, candidly speaks about the challenges of addressing climate change as a corporate entity.

Al-Karam joins Net Zero Pakistan

FAWAD ANWAR, Managing Director at Alkaram Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd, highlights the urgent need for climate action in our country, “Pakistan is among the top ten countries affected due to the adverse impacts of climate change.

Latest News & Announcement

September 2, 2021

Initiative Launched for Carbon Neutrality by 2050

Pakistan has placed its trust in nature-based solutions to tangibly reduce its carbon emissions, says Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam.

August 31, 2021

Climate hazards: ‘Climate Change Becomes Everyone’s Business,’ Says Shamshad

The commitment to net zero by the coalition, Net Zero Pakistan, was reaffirmed at a roundtable conference brought together Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam, British High Commissioner Christian Turner, former Finance Minister Dr Shamshad Akhtar, leaders from the nine signatories, and leaders from other interested organisations.

August 31, 2021

10 Firms Commit to Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions

A coalition for Pakistan’s private sector has been launched by the Pakistan Environment Trust, where leading companies have shown their climate stewardship to deliver net zero greenhouse gas emissions at the corporate level.