Why Net Zero

The time to proactively think about sustainability is now because the opportunity cost of remaining passive spectators is too much. Help your business maintain its competitive edge by committing to Net Zero.

Pakistan Environment Trust

Pakistan Environment Trust (PET) is a non-profit organisation founded to tackle Pakistan’s toughest climate challenges, in order to make the country climate-resilient, low carbon and biodiverse. Explore PET’s 3 flagship programmes below.

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Net Zero Pakistan (NZP)

A highly ambitious programme that serves as a national collaboration between pioneering companies, public institutions, and sectoral experts. This coalition provides a host of benefits to the local economy by enabling transitioning to sustainable renewable energy, boosting export quality, capping industrial pollution, and making the Pakistani economy sustainable overall. To do this, the coalition focuses on capacity building, creating an enabling policy environment, building Pakistan’s green brand internationally, and mobilizing finance for at-scale decarbonisation projects.

Carbon Pathways (CP)

Carbon Pathways is focused on developing a voluntary carbon market project developer in Pakistan to tap into a potential USD200Mn market of carbon offsets by 2030. As part of this programme, PET is now accredited as the sole issuer of Renewable Energy Certificates under the I-REC Standard.

Re-Wild Pakistan (RWP)

Re-Wild Pakistan is working on ecosystem restoration with a focus on animal conservation in partnership with the Aspinall Foundation.